Shine your light, even when you don’t feel like it.

Being led by our emotions, it seems to be the norm in our culture these days. When the excitement of something new wears off, people no longer want to stay committed. They forget the reason they started and instead start to become consumed in their feelings, searching for another “high”. You start a new blog, business venture, podcast etc and when the going gets tough you neglect it. Writers block, creativity dryness and bad time management are real. Lack of motivation and consistency is real!

I’ve been there and I continually have to fight not to go back there. I’m human, nothing is too far from us to not fall into. This is why we need convictions, discipline, community and why we need God.

God has given each of us gifts to share with the world, it is truly up to us to use them. There are so many people who leave this earth unfulfilled and with many regrets, all because they didnt step out on faith for what God has told them to do. If you base your loyalty and commitment on how you feel you’ll abandon things God called you too.

Speaking from personal experience, this is NOT easy. Using your gifts, or shining your light I should say requires sacrifice, time and effort. It also requires you leaving your comfort zone. I’m a very private person so sharing my life and lessons isnt always my favorite thing to do. If you are not intentional, if you dont have a plan, it won’t get done. If you have a busy life and keep making excuses, it still won’t get done.

But there is nothing worse than the feeling of knowing you have greatness inside of you but you keep standing in your own way. Whether its fear, lack of resources, wanting everything to be perfect before you do anything. (That’s me, guilty). Just start somewhere. Start small, just dont keep doing nothing and making excuses. Start with what you have, God will provide the rest, all he wants is a willing vessel.

There have been so many times in my life where I have been obedient to do something God told me to do and it has always proven to be something someone else needed. It’s not about you! God just decided to use me in that situation to do it. That’s called shining your light. Being willing, being available, being obedient even when everything isnt perfect or set up the way you prefer.

This area of my life has been one of my biggest struggles. I know I am a gifted writer. God speaks things to me and shows me things that he wants me to write and share with people and I’m always ignoring it. I’m always finding a way to not do it. I make excuses and trust me I find some really good excuses too. But the truth of the matter is I just dont feel like it most days. I have a almost 3 yr old who is very strong willed and requires so much of my time, because I am a stay at home mom currently. I’m apart of a moms group, I run our household, take our son to his classes throughout the week and my husband works. We are a great team and I’m thankful for that. I’m blessed to have the privileges I have and I dont take them for granted. But even in the midst of those blessings and roles I operate in, I STILL have a urging calling inside of me to shine my light in ways that are unique to how God made me and who I am outside of those roles.

Now you may say “have grace for yourself, you’re a mom, a wife and you wear so many other hats it’s ok that you are not shining your light in other areas.”

I disagree. God has given us each a portion to contribute to this world. He makes callings and gifts specifically for you. There is only one you on this earth and THAT is your super power. I dont care if everyone is doing what God called you to do, they are not YOU. God has graced you and anointed you to do things in a way that will attract the people he knows needs to hear it. He thinks you’re amazing and special and wants you to do it. He wants to use you! That’s why you see people who do the same things and some people just stand out and resonate with others and connect with others like non other, that’s called favor. The favor of God. Dont waste yours.

Furthermore, my gift of writing has been confirmed through so many events, encounters and spoken to me by so many other people that I can’t run from it. I like to write, I love sharing things God places on my heart and breaking them down through the lenses of my life and experiences to speak to others. It helps me face my fears while it blesses those who need it. Remember comfort is secondary to obedience. Always bet on God! Always be obedient to what he tells you to do! Watch how you shining your light opens doors for you and others!

“Let your light shine before men, so that they may see your fine works and give glory to your father who is in the heavens.”-Matthew 5:16

6 thoughts on “Shine your light, even when you don’t feel like it.

  1. Khloe

    Absolutely love your writing and you spoke so much into me right now. You right God def. put something in my heart and he not letting me forget it.
    I really love what you said about “favor”! Don’t waste my favor.

    Liked by 1 person

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