3 ways to make dates FUN!

In marriage Dates are super important. They keep the fire burning in your relationship and they bring you and your spouse closer if you are constantly consumed with busy weeks! My husband and I have found ourselves so busy at times with me managing our household and staying home with our son, and him having busy work weeks. So we make sure we get dates in on a regular! But besides going on dates we also make it a priority to have FUN! Nothing is more draining than having a busy week and then coming home to problems or hanging out and it not having fun together. So I have come up with 3 quick and easy tips to make dates FUN!

  1. Make sure you have a positive attitude!

Anticipating a date night or day date makes things FUN! Be positive and optimistic about the date even if its something your partner loves and you just kind of like. (My married folks know what I mean here. COMPROMISE. Lol) My husband took me on a date one time to see a movie I had ZERO interest in but I ended up really getting into it and liking it. Also, my husband is a HUGE baseball fan. When we first met I wasn’t into baseball because where I’m from it wasn’t the popular sport, and it seemed boring. Little did I know I would grow to love it just like he does. I was open, he took the time to teach me about the sport and now I’m always excited for us to go to games as a family or even together for a date. I love it because he loves it, and I love it because I now understand the game. I also love dressing up! That’s my favorite part of anticipating dates, getting out of my daily exercise clothes or mommy gear and getting fancy!

2. Be creative and try something new together

Being creative is the BEST part of planning dates for us! We love to explore new areas of the DMV together. We even agreed to take a cooking class as a date since we both love cooking. Try something new as a couple and you will be surprised, it may become something you both start loving to do as a couple more often. My husband isn’t into artsy things like me, but he has grown to like it because I like it so he has gone painting with me on many dates and also planned a date for me to make and paint a souvenir from scratch and he sat and watched me and actually helped me do it. Now that’s love lol. Get out of your comfort zone and relax. Go go-kart racing, laser tag, mini golf or something that will create an atmosphere of FUN and excitement!

3. Enjoy the little things together

Being parents requires a lot of sacrifice so sometimes we cant drop our son off at his grandparents and we have to wait until he is asleep and plan little dates at home. watching movies is always a fun thing to do at home, but I would say appreciating the little things are what makes our dates at home a lot more fun. Baking something together or just sitting in the same room discussing topics. You have to enjoy the little moments with one another because the little moments are what make a relationship what it is. Also, dates don’t have to be expensive! Go on a coffee date, grab a light lunch, walk around the park, enjoy the weather together. Dates don’t always have to be a fancy affair.  Take advantage of the little moments together. I’ve definitely learned to appreciate them more now that I am a busy mommy.

Hope you enjoyed these tips! Leave some ideas and comments below of your favorite creative dates with your significant other!






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