The Greatest Gift

So as you all may know now; if you follow me on social media…We are expecting!!! Yay!! We are on cloud 9! You know how some girls dream about marriage from a young age, I’m the girl who dreamed about having my first child and being a mommy. Now that, that time is here I realized I have so much to learn! But I am so excited to grow through this experience with my husband.

We were not against getting pregnant early on in our marriage. Everyone has differences in opinion here, I know. Respect our decision and there will not be a debate. 🙂 Ultimately God works everything out for our good. Initially I was a little scared when I found out because I knew it would be the journey of me finally realizing I’M NOT IN CONTROL. God has a funny sense of humor and I have realized that I have grown in patience, understanding and letting God be God. My husband has too.

It has been such an amazing process even through the difficult times. My first trimester has been rough. I’ve had nausea so bad that I had to be prescribed very tiny mint like tablets to ease the feeling of sickness. I have even taken ginger in almost every form lol. A child is definitely a blessing, but now I get to experience first hand what sacrifices it takes for your body to build one. I respect ALL mothers even more now that I feel the stretching of my belly, the weight gain, the sleepless nights, and so many other things that come along with pregnancy. This is only the beginning.

Sometimes I sit in silence and take a moment to soak in the major life change. We found out over Thanksgiving break, which was perfect because we were with my family in Florida so they knew first. My mother and I have bonded so much since then. My sister and I have reconciled our relationship and she has been a great support since then as well. It is as if God is bringing everyone together through this blessing.

God is perfect at what he does and I am so thankful for my relationship with him during this process. From the first sonogram of the heartbeat with my husband to the first ultrasound of seeing our baby moving and growing in there is unexplainable. I’m thankful for the process and I will share some of the milestones in my blog.

Furthermore, now that I am pregnant I will not blog EVERY Sunday. I will blog maybe 1 or 2 Sundays out of the month. I’m sure my mommies out there understand! Planning and soaking in this journey means a lot to me and I don’t want to miss a beat. We are thankful for all the love and prayers coming our way! So excited for the baby shower this summer!

Love, Katondra


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