Are you taking the leap?


This picture perfectly describes what I’m NOT good at LOL…TRUST.

This child is leaping into the arms of his father with joy and no reservations. Why is it that children always teach us the most monumental lessons about faith and trusting God?!

I believe God allows everything to happen for a reason, and as hard as that pill is to swallow sometimes, its just the truth. God is in control of everything, the fact that you have eyes to read this blog is proof that there is a God out there that’s more powerful than anything you can think of. I mean think about it, have you ever went outside and taken a deep breath and just looked around? It WILL blow your mind if you just relax and really take it all in. Look at the details of your life and see how God took time to make you, how I am able to type this blog and have the mental capability to do so is no credit to me being a good writer or having wisdom; IT’S BECAUSE OF GOD.

Where am I going with this you may ask….hmmm well lets think deeper….


Steep question right? Heavy loaded question right?

Don’t want to answer that question…right?

I didn’t want to answer that question either, plenty of times in my life I have found that I trust myself and I don’t trust my creator. Isn’t that backwards though? How can I trust the creation (ME) and not the creator? (GOD) It’s because I was afraid to trust something I couldn’t see, grasp or have some control over.

You see trust requires FAITH, so that would also reveal that my faith tank was low as well. I had more faith in LITTLE ole me and not BIG GOD. The same God who gives me breath to breathe on a daily basis, who gives me the ability to walk and talk and the same God who gave me a brain to think with. Bottom line is I should worship HIM. Period. He deserves my all, how dare I have the audacity to put God in a box? Question him or make him out to be below me?

So what was my solution?

I started to take those leaps of faith in the right direction and just go for it! Like launching this blog before it was “perfect”. There is so much I want to do through this blog and with this blog, but I can do that along the way. I know God wants me to put it out into the world so why not today? Exactly why you are reading this now. I will be updating this site with video and other features but for the time being I had to step out on faith or I wouldn’t have done it.

Have you been there before? Where you wait until something is perfect before you take the leap? Well I’m telling you, it’s a myth that will hold you back from progressing in life. If you feel led to do something, no matter what anyone says listen to that small still voice and watch what God does.





11 thoughts on “Are you taking the leap?

  1. Prisca Liliane

    I am sitting at my desk reading your first blog entry!!! I am so very proud of you! I look forward to your future writings! Love you doll face!


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