The world outside of my window….

So, you would think this girl who has traveled to some amazing places recently would be perfectly ok transferring her entire life to a new state to live with her new husband right?! LOL


I have learned a lot through recently moving to the DMV, a lot about ME. I wasn’t as patient as I thought myself to be, I wasn’t as kind, loving or open minded as I once thought. You see we tend to think more highly of ourselves than we ought, and it will take some humbling life situations to bring you back down to earth…FAST.

I had to learn to embrace the world outside of my window. There is so much going on in the world outside of the bubble of Katondra. I didn’t realize that I was so comfortable inside this bubble until I risked everything to go on this entirely NEW journey. I mean think about it NEWLY married, NEW state, a lot of CHANGES.

But guess what I learned in the process? To trust my creator. period. It was scary at some points, frustrating and I even wondered why I moved to this NEW place. God knew all along that he wanted me here, he knew the trials that he was going to throw my way when I got here and he also saw the outcome before I could. That’s the beauty about him, he longs for us to hold his hand and trust him through life’s uncertainties.

Well, I am glad I chose to step out on faith and walk into the world outside of my window, it has grown me in numerous ways, still is matter of fact and I have experienced a lot of beautiful things since then as well. This world is so lovely, it is so many things that I would have never guessed that I would be into that I am into now. I mean I run like 2 miles a day now. Unheard of for me. Lol. This is what growth is about, challenging yourself to embrace change and just do it! so much beauty awaits me as I learn more, trust more and open myself up to more in this beautiful new home of mine!

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7 thoughts on “The world outside of my window….

  1. Reblogged this on Share My World and commented:
    I just love when people use their personal stories to teach and inspire others! It’s even better when it’s someone you know,. Ironically, once the step to SHARE intimate stories and experiences is taken, it’s like getting to know someone all over again. How exciting!

    Check out Katondra’s blog (lovekatondra) as she uplifts and inspires!


  2. I could not even get to read the whole thing because as u began to testify I got convicted about where I fall short. God just really dealt with me and help me to realize that I need to just trust Him because He knows our end from our beginning. Thanks for allowing God to use u and for being transparent.


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